Abigail 4 months old


Abigail baptisim

Abigail 3 mos old

Abigail 5 weeks old

Friday photo

Today: Patterned View … such as a pile aligned bricks, or honeycomb (chosen by Elizabeth)

I took this photo in June of 07 it was taking at National Museum of the Marine Corps

phildebratriptodc125.jpg picture by sam63006

I loved how the bricks are not the same color.

phildebratriptodc95.jpg picture by sam63006

I like the glass Patterned  in the photos

phildebratriptodc96.jpg picture by sam63006

Photos of Santa with Ivey kids 2006-2009

samchristmaspic120061 Samuel 6 mos old 2006

sambindi-2007 Samuel 1 year & Bimdi 6mos old 2007

sb-santaSamuel 2 years and Bindi 1 year  2008

Samuel 3 year

Bindi 2 years old

Abigail age 4 weeks old

Our Cat Rosie

This morning Corby went out to store. He saw are cat in the road dead. She got Hit by a car this morning.

 She was a great cat loved the kids loved play hide and seek with the kids and when went out for walks she went with us. She will be miss. Love you Rosie.








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